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Need Tech Support?

Do you ever need 1 on 1 Tech Support, but don't want to transport your computer to a computer store or have someone come to your house and pay enormous fees? Zysys is offering Remote Support for anyone with high-speed internet on the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms for a nominal fee. Do you need tech support?

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Who are we? We are Zysys. We are an organization devoted to innovation in our technological world. Most technological corporations just want to make a profit off the lack of knowledge in the community, while we, Zysys, are an organization run by and devoted to ordinary people while also being devoted to innovation and exploring every facet of technology. We want to educate the public and, to us, profits are secondary to the greater good. We support free (as in speech!) software, individual innovation, and strive for perfection in everything we do. We are Zysys.

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Zachary A. Bornheimer
President & CEO of Zysys